tsion - TinyScheme with I/O Event Dispatcher and Network Extensions

tsion is TinyScheme with support for an I/O event dispatcher, TCP/IP networking, and other miscellaneous extensions.

NOTE: TinyScheme is partially implemented in Scheme itself using the definitions in "init.scm". As with TinyScheme, tsion loads this file as part of its initialization. The file, "init.scm", must either be in your current directory or pointed to by environment variable TINYSCHEMEINIT; for example: "setenv TINYSCHEMEINIT /usr/local/lib/tinyscheme/init.scm". The latter is obviously the most flexible and preferred method of telling tsion where the file can be found.


% tsion [-debug] [-Debug] [-evaluate code] [file(s)]


enable debug output (written to stdout). Capital "-Debug" generates more voluminous debug.
-evaluate code
passes the code string to the Scheme interpreter for evaluation.
are one or more Scheme files to load and execute. The "-evaluate" option can be used to define arguments for use by the code in the file(s). If multiple files are being loaded, different "-evaluate" options can be specified before each one.

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