finc - Forth-Inspired Network Commands

finc is Ficl with networking extensions.

Ficl's default dictionary size is 12,288 cells, of which standard Ficl uses about 7,500 cells. The dictionary size can be changed by setting environment variable FICL_DICTIONARY_SIZE to the desired number of cells.

NOTE: The command line is scanned twice. The first scan looks for and only processes the "-listen port" option that indicates a remote user connection is to be used for interacting with the Ficl interpreter. Once a client connection is established, Ficl is initialized with the network connection for its I/O streams. Next, a second scan of the command line is performed, this time ignoring the "-listen port" option and processing all others.


% finc [-debug] [-Debug] [-evaluate code] [-listen port] [file(s)]


enable debug output (written to stdout). Capital "-Debug" generates more voluminous debug.
-evaluate code
passes the argument string to the Forth interpreter.
-listen port
specifies a network server port at which finc will listen for and accept the first client connection request. The network connection is then used for interacting with the Ficl interpreter, instead of the default stdin and stdout. telnet(1) can be used in line-by-line mode as the remote client.
are one or more Forth files to load and execute. The "-evaluate" option can be used to push arguments on the stack for use by the code in the file. If multiple files are being loaded, a different "-evaluate" option can be specified before each one.

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